Wednesday, February 25, 2015

week 2

Sorry once again ive been MIA fpr a while. Things have been ok Lent has started and so to help me in losing weight both the hubs and i gave up drinking alcohol and i also stopped eating cheese which is pretty hard for me. Ive also done a pretty good job at cutting back on my carbs.
Ive started doing the Kayla Itsines BBG workout which is going ok. I manage to get all tge reaiatance workouts in but not all the LISS workouts in for the week. Im in the middle of my aecobd week so i atill have a long way to go but im feeling confident i can stick to this. Next week will be tough as i have surgergg and wont be able to do much for a few days after. I plan to do all my resistance workiuts in the first three days of the week so i can still get thwm dont before my aurgery date and thwn if im up to it just do light walking after my surgery.
I havent weighed myself in a while as before starting the BBG workout i feel i gained back some weight. Ill weight when i feel up to it probably the day before my surgery which gives me another week to slim down a little...i had originally wanted to be way down in weight before my surgery but obviously that didnt happen sadly....

I feel like a failure most the time when it comes to my size and weight...i just want to have the body i dream of..

Thin to the end

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